Rationale & Objectives

In recent years the debate and the research on the quality of vocational training have become elements of great interest not only to ensure "products" of value to the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the training activities, but also to bring national systems to a minimum "European" with common quality standards in the countries of the community to ensure the mobility of workers is one of the main objectives of EU policies.

The purpose of the project is to develop and test a process of controlling the quality of education through the use of the indicators set out in the Common European Framework EQAVET. During the research, the indicators should be made objectively quantifiable and measurable giving them values that allow them to be connected with other elements of the specific QA systems and be in harmony with the EQAVET indicators. This way, the partnership will develop a system to assess the quality of performance of training systems relative to the objectives of the provision of training activities (economic, social, individuals and operators of production systems).

The following project objectives will be pursued:

  • To increase knowledge about experiences and best / bad practices in EQARF implementation for tourism activities, selecting national 'exemplar cases' involving tourism enterprises, training agencies in a 'participatory research';
  • To tune tools and instruments focused on the crucial issues of EQARF indicators, building up a proper instrument for implementation of qualitative EQARF indicators;
  • To increase skills and awareness about EQAVET impact and benefit on tourism learning activities, developing collaborations and cooperation among tourism services beneficiaries (tourists, in a word), enterprises, trainers and experts and QA evaluators;
  • To widen the transnational collaboration, activating work teams (in particular focus groups WP03) to connect stakeholders for defining shared instruments;
  • To experiment friendly and usable tools to simplify the EQAVET / EQARF effective implementation in current monitoring and assessing learning activities and management.