AQUA.TS pilot was successfully completed in Larissa

The AQUA.TS pilot completed in the city of Larissa has met great success. The pilot course managed to increase the knowledge of participants in issues such as

    • Quality in Vocational Education and Training (VET)
    • Developments at European Level
    • The framework EQAVET on European Policy for VET
    • Basics of EQAVET
    • EQAVET impact and benefit on learning activities, etc.

The participants were trainers, QA experts and consultants about EQAVET indicators while the course followed a shared approach within the partnership on the curriculum design.

After the theoretical part of the pilot and the classroom activity, the participants were involved in 40 hours of practical activities using the AQUA.TS toolkit. The participants translated the use of the Toolkit in national issues and needs and all comments and suggestion were made into a report as a national memorandum.