TRANSNATIONAL SEMINAR – 17th November 2015 New challenges for Quality in training in Europe: towards a model EQAVET Plus

New challenges for Quality in training in Europe: towards a model EQAVET Plus

Conference Centre "Sala da Feltre" - Via Benedetto Musolino, 7 Rome - 9:30 to 13:30

With the recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009 (2009 / C 155/02) Member States have been invited to set up effective quality assurance systems in education, developing models, tools and methodologies. The document outlines already a reference model based a cycle in four phases: planning, implementation, evaluation and review. The model can be used, on a voluntary basis, by training providers and organizations working in the field of education. It includes ten indicators (the so-called indicators EQVET) defined in order to support and improve the quality assurance processes in training activities, simplifying systems and making them more transparent.

In the Lifelong Learning Programme "EQAVET model" is considered a crucial issue with the explicit request to study and define "guidelines / guidelines of practical use to those involved in vocational education and training, particularly on the part of the regulators training."

AQUA.TS project tackles own aspects of the implementation of EQAVET framework with a focus on training for the tourism sector and the intention to experience operational tools and guidelines. In particular, the project partnership has developed a set of instruments to accompany the processes of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of training systems allowing verification of the performance of the system on the basis of indicators EQAVET.

The seminar aims to present an overview of issues and aspects of interest regarding the effective implementation of the European Framework for Quality, in light of indications of the Sixth Annual Forum EQAVET held in June in Latvia. The meeting also provides an opportunity to gather concrete needs of the institutions and organizations working in the field of education, proposing itself as a moment of discussion on the effectiveness and functionality of tools and procedures for Quality Assurance in Education.

In the framework of AQUATS testing activities and follow-up the first ten registered participants of the seminar can receive a free customized check up of the training processes and quality system with the opportunity to use the AQUATS toolkit. The check up is on line via skype.
For the organizations located in Rome, Viterbo and Umbria it is possible to receive the check-up directly at the premises

Seminar Agenda